Putting the future of Security in the palm of your hands


real time tracking gives you your vehicle location. Any time, from any where.

recall and play back ride history and trip data for up to 6 months


Motorcycle GPS

Built in accelerometer senses vibrations and alerts if your bike is being touched.

Bringing you peace of mind

Motorcycle Trackers

we Live in a connected world

        Why not your Motorcycle?

connect and protect your ride.

your bike's Guardian angel

Motorcycle GPS with audible ALarm

  •  Web-based online tracking platform and App

  •  Geo-fence alarm function

  •  SOS button(Optional)

  •  High sensitive GPS chipset

  •  Built-in GSM & GPS antenna

  •  ACC status detection and alarm

  •  IP65 Waterproof GPS Tracker

  •  Compact size and fast installation design

  •  Remote cut off (petrol / electricity) function

  •  Built-in battery standby when the engine is off

track your vehicle no matter where it goes or who is riding it. 

Smartphone App​

Moving alerts notify you if your vehicle is moved from its parked location.



Dedicated staff there to help you day or night.


Built in Battery to ensure the tracker is always active.

THe evolution of Motorcycle security

NEVER MISS A MOMENT. Access from anywhere, ANYTIME.