X-GPS Monitor

The world is becoming mobile driven. Wherever you go, be aware of what’s happening with X-GPS Monitor app. It gives you a completely new level of awareness and convenience.

The App allows users to view their assets on mobile screens: where they are moving now or where in the past. Users can also monitor all valuable information (e.g. speed, battery level, signal levels) in real time, and receive instant notifications about important events.Stay aware of what's happening wherever you go. Locate your vehicles in real-time and check tracks history on mobile devices.

See where your assets are moving right now. Check every detail of their statuses and access vehicle telemetry from real-time dashboards. View the whole day at a glance with the tracks history or block the engine in the event of theft.

Get instant notifications on alerts you defined, highlight them on the map and react accordingly. And access all the vital information you need in seconds.

Protect your equipment from theft

We provide a modern technical protection against unauthorized use with the application of GPS, vibration sensor and remote cut off if the engine is started.

GPS-tracker not only monitors the exact location of your motorcycle, 
ATV or boat 24 hours a day. The system will notify you promptly in 
the event of shocks and vibrations typical of attempts to hijacking or being loaded onto a truck, as well as the battery disconnected alarm. 

The system is backed up an additional built-in battery and 
an alternative method of geolocation on GSM base station.

​Intuitive Web interface and Mobile apps

Phone App
​​Rich. Responsive

Enjoy the window-based interface which combines the flexibility, responsiveness, and ease of use. Get the tools or information you need, conveniently on your desktop computer and mobile devices.