See important trends by team, department or across the entire fleet. Our customizable dashboards make it easy to review your progress towards KPIs or budgets, with near real-time fleet analytics provided by our fleet tracking system.

Go beyond the dash cam

See the status and activity
of all your fleet vehicles.

View video clips of harsh driving events within minutes of them happening. Know how severe an event was with harsh driving classifications to help you improve driver safety and coach your drivers. Help mitigate risk and liability with unbiased footage.


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Increase fleet visibility with fleet tracking.

Driving Behavior Analysis. Monitor drivers on the road. 

Vehicle data in real time, alerts for key parameters and reports to get
in-depth analysis for any time period.

Fuel Monitoring

Efficient Fleet Management

For fleet owners looking for a vehicle tracking solution that is simple to use and addresses common pain points such as high fuel costs, worker productivity, driver safety, compliance and asset security.With a range of setup options and an affordable monthly price, you can enjoy all the benefits of a powerful fleet tracking solution.

Create and manage fleet related service works in several clicks. Schedule jobs by date, mileage and engine hours. Automate maintenance checklist on the platform for timely reminders. Control vehicle usage and repair cost. 

Driver identification

Sort journeys into business and private. Claim reimbursement on business mileage. Prevent unauthorized trips

Safeguard fleet from unauthorized use
Driver ID feature gives the ability to monitor who’s driving.

 The most positive user experience of fuel monitoring with clear calibration tablesIntuitive configuration and detailed reports. Instant notifications on abnormal usage or indication of fuel theft

driver journal

Monitor and manage your mobile workforce with ease

High-resolution maps with smart clustering and detail on demand provide a simple yet powerful vehicle tracking solution to: Help reduce fuel consumption, Provide accurate ETAs, Monitor vehicle diagnostics & vehicle maintenance needs. Keep tabs on your mobile workforce and equipment. Prevent unauthorized out of area use with geofencing

Better fleet visibility helps you take control of what you own and how it’s being used. Our GPS fleet tracking solution can help you uncover hidden costs while revealing potential for greater productivity and efficiency.


telemetry readings

Who is fleet tracking for?

Provide fleets with powerful and simple tools to cut
management expenses, increase productivity and
prevent fuel thefts and accidents.Type your paragraph here.

Get insights into vehicle usage, driver behaviour, and maintenance expenses.

Help your team improve
their driving habits.

Use in-cab alerts to help drivers perform at their best. Drivers can also compete for positions on the company leaderboard by driving safely, economically and efficiently.

Set parameters for speeding, harsh driving, and excessive idling on each violation, get instant notifications and analyze the results for any period.

Get rid of needless idling. Save engine wear, fuel and reduce carbon emissions.

Get a near real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations, so you can help reduce costs, increase productivity, stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every business day.

Solutions for fleets of all sizes

Analyze your fleet’s
performance over time.